Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • I,
  • as a(n)
  • of
  • acknowledge that the name of the seller and certain confidential information, records, studies, and trade practices of seller will be revealed to me for the following business (the “Business”):
  • These disclosures will be given in SECRECY AND CONFIDENCE and used for the sole purpose of assessing the prospective purchase of the Business(es) through Sunbelt Business Advisors (“Sunbelt”).

    I agree not to disclose any of the information given in connection herewith, either directly or indirectly, to third parties, except direct support people who I will cause to be made part of this agreement; nor will I use, or assist others to use, any such information for competitive trade purposes or to circumvent Sunbelt in any transaction or contact with the seller(s). I agree not to make copies of any of the material provided and to return all of it if I discontinue interest in the Business(es). The material and information furnished is believed to be reliable for the purpose of evaluating the Business(es). Further, I agree not to contact the seller(s), or agents, customers, vendors or employees of the Business(es) directly or indirectly and understand that all negotiations, inquiries, investigations, offers to purchase, and/or letters of intent must be made through Sunbelt.

    I agree that any breach of this Non-Disclosure Agreement (the “Agreement”), directly or indirectly, will be harmful to Sunbelt and the seller(s). In consideration for the information given, I agree that this Agreement’s venue will be in, and governed by the laws of the State of Florida

    This Agreement applies to any information supplied or previously supplied by Sunbelt, verbally or in writing. Neither the seller(s), the Business(es), its officers, directors, employees nor Sunbelt shall have any liability as a result of furnishing me the material included in this Agreement. All information on the business(es) has been provided to Sunbelt by the Seller. Sunbelt makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the information provided.

    This also acknowledges that the undersigned has been advised that Sunbelt is an agent for the seller(s) in this transaction. I agree that should I buy, lease or come into possession of the Business(es) during the listing term or within one year from the date below, I will not interfere with Sunbelt’s right to fee under Sunbelt’s agreement with the seller(s).

    The invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability of any obligation or provision under this agreement shall not affect or impair the enforceability or legality of any remaining provision or obligation under this agreement.

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